Edition 052. The Derby Days Collection.

If you’re looking for the new wave of forward-thinking southern gentleman, saddle up your horses and head straight to Louisville, KY (that’s Lew-uh-vull). This historic southern town has become a destination for both entrepreneurially and artistically minded good ‘ole boys who call Louisville home.  We didn't have to go far to find them either - they all live and work in the city's hotest new neighborhood NULU (stands for New Louisville). If your in the area, head for East Market Street and take an afternoon to browse and eat. You will be impressed - we certainly are. 

We are fortunate enough to have  Michael Trager- Kusman’s new restaurant, Rye,  as a  neighbor.  Just as we had anticipated, he and his staff greeted us with nothing but warm southern hospitality and an excellent meal.

We we’re also delighted to be introduced to musical artist Jalin Roze.  Jalin's flow and intellectual rhymes have made him one of the most progressive southern rappers out there. Check out his two albums on band camp here

Below we have Jalin lookin smart in the Sky Blue Seersucker. Not much to say other than that is style is on point. 


After a few moments of conversation with J Graham it is undeniable that he is a wearer of many hats. It was hard to find a subject on which he did not have valuable wisdom to impart.  Hailing from Chicago, and never knowing a stranger,  J fits very comfortable in this town. 

Grab your White Bucks, Ribbon Belt and Seersucker Shirts because the Derby is practically a week away!



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