April 17, 2012

Edition 050. Triple Needle Denim Utility Shirts.

 The Lost Coast is a desolate and rugged stretch of the Northern California coastline - the perfect kind of place to field test our new rugged denim shirts

Everyone threw on a different shirt, packed the car with surfboards and provisions then proceeded to make the trek north.

The Lost Coast doesn’t have much, but what it does have is plentiful: great white sharks, dramatic views and moisture - the kind of moisture that mosses over hundred year old redwoods and leaves the penetrates your bones.

These shirts served us well - they kept out the wind and held off an ever present drizzle. We call it a shirt, but it really functions as a jacket. They layer perfectly for every day and all but monsoons.

Like your favorite pair of jeans - it will only looks better and wears more comfortable with time.

We encourage you to go adventure and get lost, just dont lose these shirts...