March 07, 2012

Edition 043. Japanese Spring Indigo Prints.

For this week’s shirts, we wanted to pay homage to Hidekazu. He took over as our amazing shop keeper back in December and has been a vital part of our success.

As we were going through traditional japanese fabrics earlier this year Kazu told us the story of how each print relates to springtime in Japan.

We held him to it and created these well appointed shirts with our signature horn buttons.

In Japan, it is said that the “stars wait for spring” and the Kira Boshi, or Shimmering Stars clear for the crisp evenings.

The Mizu Tama, or Rain Droplet, brings the rains needed to sprout new growth.

Finally, Hanami is a traditional Japanese custom where people admire the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms as the first sign of spring, which begins at the beginning of February on the island of Okinawa.