December 01, 2011

Edition 032. Mini Check Jacks.

Most men are in search of a shirt that they can wear to work and be comfortable socializing in afterwards. 

The reality is, guys are wildly dissatisfied with the versatility of their options.

“Work shirts” tend to be cut fuller and even the ones that are cut “slim” still hang to your knees. 

The collars and cuffs are fused or glued (making them appear rigid), the pockets are too large, the collars are too long and the buttons are made of shiny plastic. 

No wonder you’re not excited to spend the more enjoyable part of the day in your “work” shirt.

We shoot to make all of our styles versatile. This week’s offering is a perfect opportunity to let you know why.

We are sending our three newest Jack models to the plate. This is the last set of shirts sewn up in our stash of dead-stock Italian milled cotton. The fabric is killer - and because of that, these shirts hold their own.

You should feel confident wearing them in just about any occasion. 

At the same time, untuck ‘em, roll up your sleeves and you’ll be ready to go. 

You are officially playing in a league far removed from the rest of the Dilberts in the room.

Wear them with confidence, because you can.