December 12, 2011

How To Make Cowboy Coffee.

Sometimes you don’t always have the luxuries of being next to one of the world’s best coffee shops. This is a pretty simple way to do things in the woods.

We recommend bringing a hand grinder with you if you can afford the space. Otherwise bring some pre-ground beans and seal them well.

Simply boil the water over an open flame and add a healthy dose of grounds (roughly 1-2 tablespoons per 2 cups of water depending on how strong you like it) to the boiling water. Boil for another few minutes then let the coffee sit for a minute or two. The key here is being the one to make the coffee. This way you get the first cup. You surely don’t want the last as you’ll be spitting grounds out with your final sips. Also try not to disturb the grounds at the bottom while you are pouring.