Paper to Product: Edition 216

We know there are plenty of denim shirts out there from plenty of great brands. And these brands know as well as we do that a well-designed denim shirt can be one of those pieces that will outlast everything that you now have hanging in your closet.

That said, the vast throng of "designers" entering the denim shirt arena has led to an array of interesting iterations; but are those iterations actually worth your investment?

If we were to pit our shirt against the best of the best, we wouldn't ask you to judge ours from afar (on a hanger or even on a model). We would first put it into your hands. Yep, that is 100% cotton denim, and yep, it is actually that incredibly soft. How and why is ours so different? Well, we're not messing with stretch, polyester, bamboo, Tencel, or any other synthetic material that's added to denim nowadays to make it softer. Instead, we simply spent a lot of time finding what we feel is the appropriate weight of denim, and then we spent even more time developing the wash that has given it the look and feel of a shirt you've had for five or more years.

After feeling the shirt, the next thing we'd do is have you turn it inside-out. This is the truest test for how well any shirt is made. You’ll find that every seam is a hand-turned French seam sewn with a single-needle lockstitch: undoubtedly the strongest, cleanest, and most time-consuming way to construct a garment. Next, we’d have you flip it right-side-out to examine the Japanese-made Urea buttons--a far, far cry from the plastic buttons you’ll find on most shirts. Lastly, we'd have you try it on. Just like every shirt we cut, you'll notice that it’s trim but not tight; and no matter how short you are, the shirt tail is pretty damn perfect for wearing both tucked and untucked.

So, you’d rather give our shirt a try? Excellent! $160 dollars? That's entirely too much! Are you looking to buy it in both colors?

Yes, we know it's a little insane that a denim shirt with French seams and sewn in San Francisco is only selling for $78 dollars, but then again we told you from the beginning that we set out to create a denim shirt that’s actually worth your hard-earned investment.

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