Paper To Product: Edition 212

5 hours north of Cabo San Lucas there is a pretty little right that breaks for a good quarter mile when the conditions line up. In order to get there, you hang a left off route 1 and cross your fingers that after an hour and half of driving deep into the middle of nowhere you made the correct turn.
You'll know when you've arrived though. Sitting along the cliff are campers and vans from a bygone era, all looking out onto some of the most perfect surf you could lay your eyes on. This oasis offers the closest thing to what surfing was first like in the 50's. A time when the early birds were staking out spots like this for the first time.
When you see this fabric you can't help but think of places like Baja in the old days, when surfers were coming back to California with shirts sewn from traditional striped Mexican fabrics and wearing hand woven huarache sandals for the first time. We can't say that we are single handedly bringing that style back and we can't really tell you more about that left hand turn off the one, but we can say that this shirt will bring you a hell of a lot of pleasure.
The fabric is an unbelievable Japanese vintage reproduction that is every bit as soft as it is perfectly faded. A companion for any coastal adventure and like everything we make, it is designed to serve you for many years to come.

shane rocking the mechanic and a packable lane splitter
January 07, 2021

A Meditative Medium—In Conversation With Shane Miller

We recently caught up with our buddy, Nashville-based painter Shane Miller, whose work we’ve highlighted before. Beyond his work, Shane is an all-around awesome dude, so we’re always excited to chat with him about what inspires him, his favorite gear, and his life in Nashville.

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Monica wearing the Packable Lane Splitter in a field
December 21, 2020

Facing The Music With Monica Valli

People often call Taylor Stitch a menswear brand, but as far as we're concerned, our gear is for everybody. If you're not convinced, allow us to introduce you to Monica Valli, a professional guitar player with a penchant for blistering blues licks and a discerning eye for style. 

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