May 20, 2015

Paper to Product: Edition 208

Every spring and fall we team up with the Fair Ends boys to put together a tight little collection that has become synonymous (in our minds at least) with spending long nights around a campfire drinking whiskey and telling stories. It's about celebrating the great expanse of nature we have in this fair country of ours and getting out to enjoy it. Whether you're on a quick car camping session or packing a 3 weight into the back country in search of some solitude and native rainbows we'll always have your back.

The styles remain classic and there is a rugged functionality to all the pieces. No need to worry about sliding down some rocks in the duck canvas camp shorts, the henley's a great layer up top with substantial weight yet it's combed for softness and the Cone Mills chambrays are just heavy enough to cut the chill when the sun sets over the mountains and you gotta tame the fire to cook over.