April 01, 2015

Paper To Product: Edition 202


The beauty of summer is it's simplicity. It's always better without shoes and better yet, without a plan.

Knowing this, we wanted to lead off our warm weather offerings with four pieces designed to help you get away at a moments notice. From our experience, the only three pieces of clothing you really need for any summer adventure are shorts, a shirt and some swim trunks (we may have you covered there soon too).

Saying this particular shirt is the only one you need this summer sounds like a bold claim, but here us out at least. The beauty of this shirt is how amazingly lightweight and breathable the chambray is. It'll keep cooler than a tee shirt and have you looking whole lot more badass. Be it Hunter S. Thompson in San Juan or Hemingway in Havana - you ever see a picture of those guys in a tee? Issued in white and light blue you can't really go wrong here.

The same goes with shorts. A classic color in a great cut and you're set. As you come to reach for your favorite pair again and again, you'll understand that the right pieces make life a whole lot simpler. Don't you remember the famous zen saying, "clear mind, better chance of remembering to pack the coozie?"