Chronicles of Adventure: Alaska

Right before the holidays, we had our buddy Andrew throw together an Adventure Kit for his trip to Alaska in search of the Northern Lights. The long weekend was spent with his buddy Justin Kaneps, exploring the vast expanse and here's what he had to say about the trip.

"Alaska, the last frontier, the last state… for me at least. As a kid I took part in many family road trips, so from an early age I was instilled with the sense of freedom that the open roads and truck stop coffee provide. So needless to say as soon as I got my license, I took to the road and exploring everything in the other states. Well I hadn’t really kept track until I finally got to thinking one day when a friend asked how many states I had been to, that I finally realized, that I had been to every state but one of the greatest ones, Alaska.

So I hit up my old friend Todd in Fairbanks and said I wanted to come up to Alaska for a visit. He told me to come on up, he had a cabin I could stay in, a truck I could borrow, and a three legged husky named Portis that could keep me warm at night. Needless to say, I booked that flight. Unfortunately that flight involved a 4 hour layover in Seattle, which I quickly realized I didn’t want to drink alone in SEA, so I asked my buddy and photographer Justin if he cared to join. Sitting in that airport bar with him, we put together some loose plans of what we wanted to do, but mostly we wanted to shoot from the hip on this trip.

I’ve come to learn if you make too many plans you’re doomed to be disappointed by not accomplishing them. Well we got up there and Alaska was everything I expected it to be and more. It was wild, fucking cold, and beautiful. We ice fished, we hit the hot springs, we checked trap lines with a new found friend named Justin, saw the northern lights, and went to Denali National Park. After going to all 50 states, I have come to realize just how amazing our backyard is and how many unique beautiful sub cultures we have surrounding us."


November 27, 2020

Black Friday Sale - VIP Preview

Terms & Conditions Save 30% off sitewide, including on already discounted products in The Workshop and Last Call. No promo code required, sign in...

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Kate & Josh near posing next to chopped lumber
November 05, 2020

Starting From The Soil

Words & Photos by: Kate Kavanaugh (@kate_kavanaugh) of Ground Work & Western Daughters Josh and I met eleven years ago....

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