Ladies Style Icon: Diane Keaton

As we get ready to introduce our ever so slightly new-and-improved Caroline Denim Shirt later this month, we can't help but feel inspired by all things menswear, especially the women who wear it well.

One woman who has worn it better than all the rest is, without question, iconic tomboy Diane Keaton.  

Of course, it's hard to think Diane Keaton without Annie Hall immediately coming to mind. And there's good reason for this, seeing as her character in the movie was loosely based on Diane Keaton in real life (her real last name is Hall), and many of her looks in the film - tailored button downs, mannish hats and vests, oversized suits - actually came from her own closet. In this unique case of art imitating life, Diane Keaton's love of androgynous dressing (not to mention Woody Allen) became an instant hallmark of the 70's, opening up a whole new world of dressing for women everywhere.  

More than the clothes themselves though was the way Diane Keaton wore them. On paper, a wispy woman in an oversized suit and tie could - and probably should - go horribly wrong. But when she appeared on the 1976 Oscars red carpet in this exact look, it worked because of the confidence she projected in it: self-assured yet self-deprecating, genuine yet imperfect, relatable yet aspirational. A key to her quirky style seems to be that over a lifetime of unisex dressing, the suits never wear Diane Keaton, she always wears them.  

Reflecting on the importance of personal style, she said, "I think that all people should really dress for themselves, to figure out what they love. To really dress like their own interests, and not be afraid of it."  A strong and beautifully imperfect woman with a solid sense of self, unafraid to zig when the world zags? No one epitomizes this spirit more than Diane Keaton, and it's one we think the Taylor Stitch lady - timeless in her style and convictions - also embodies.  

So as we put the finishing touches on the upcoming Caroline, we pay homage to the iconic Diane Keaton, a forever inspiration in the world of menswear and beyond.

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