Paper To Product: Italian Wool Maritime Vest

San Francisco, especially in the mornings and evenings, always has enough of a chill that you need a layer. However, five blocks into your walk up one of our hills or a mile into your bike-to-work you start to get a bit warm. All of us have a love affair with beautiful outerwear and technical jackets, but never wear them because they get too hot within the first ten minutes of sustained activity.

For this reason, the vest has always been our favorite layer for some brisk activity outside. It keeps the core warm, the pits cool and your arms free.

The challenge in designing this vest was to find a fabric and design that complimented the versatility of the vest itself. We worked with an Italian mill that specializes in wool to develop a 17 oz. melton wool. Unlike other wools of this weight, this one is much softer and more comfortable the first wear yet every bit as rugged.

Because long walks take you to the office as easily as they take you into the woods, our vest had to be as rugged as it was refined.

The lines are clean and modern and the fit is tailored. The body and pockets are lined with our famously soft Yosemite chamois fabric to add extra warmth and comfort. The low profile collar gives warmth and protection to the back of the neck, and the scalloped tail keeps the vest short but gives a bit of coverage to your waist while you are tucked over the handlebars.

The simplicity and functionality is such that you will wonder why has this exact vest not existed before? Trust us, we have searched far and wide and wondered the same. We hope you enjoy this offering in the great outdoors and it brings you as much pleasure to wear and it's brought us to design.

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