Yosemite Shirts and Shirt Jackets

Once a year, all of us at TS get up before first light and head out for Yosemite. Bleary eyed, un-showered and longing for coffee we all meet up to pile into a couple cars.

Not required and unannounced, most of us happen to show up in Yosemite shirts of previous years. Well worn and long traveled, it's great to see the different colors and shades of previous editions next to one another. We all get a laugh out of the coincidence. Truth is though it happens more often than not. For most of us and our friends in San Francisco, this shirt happens to also be our favorite jacket.

If you really pay close attention, you will notice Yosemite shirts all over San Francisco. Especially within a three mile radius of our Valencia Street shop. Our friends that either spend a lot of time working or adventuring outside especially swear by them.

No matter how many times two of us show up to work in the same color Yosemite, or we run into a friend in the outdoors with the same shirt it always feels good to know that we have created a product that people genuinely love. Every year it somehow feels like we are doing some greater good for the world when we release this shirt.

This year, just as years past, we put a lot of time into picking the colors and we hope you enjoy them. More importantly, we hope you get years of wear out of this shirt and that it serves you as well as it serves all of us.



the Nelson sunglasses atop our Nomad Hoodie with a bottle of iced coffee
June 02, 2021

Care About The Craft

Is there any accessory more iconic than a pair of sunglasses? The basic concept—putting a protective layer between one’s eyes...

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