October 21, 2014

Weekly Edition: The Three Button Hooded Sweatshirt

We designed our hooded sweatshirt to go with your look, not disguise it. As a grown-ass man, you should be investing in smart staples that are easy to pair with the other great pieces you own.

By designing our sweatshirt with a clean and simple three button front, you have the option of showing a little shirt underneath. Surely whatever great button down you have on deserves a little air time. Not to mention, now you have that whole "layering thing" going on that everyone is always talking about: handsome french terry on top of a burley oxford and nice pair of chinos to round it off. Better yet, now you have your layer for the day so you don't need to worry about carrying a coat around .

These three hooded sweatshirts in black, indigo and dusty red will be in Workshop for the next two weeks. While in Workshop you can pre-order them for $68 and they will deliver between December 1st and December 4th.