Caught The Lady's Eye

It’s  mad mad world out there. We all know it to be true but sometimes the crazy just doesn&rsqt seem to wanna stop.  It’s September: Burning Man has just come to an end, the desert dust still fresh on the vehicles (and we intentionally use that term loosely). Jeff Koons’ retrospective at the Whitney enters into its third month up and its third month of harsh criticism, mainly having to do with its multi-million dollar budget (since when did art cost millions of dollars to make)?  And apparently if you take into consideration how much us San Franciscans save on transportation when it comes to other cities, we have an affordable place to live. Ha.

Neon-hued image of an art installation, representing an old school boom box, large enough for a dozen or so people to be able to sit on top. Bicycles are strewn in front of the installation. Close up of a vibrant colorful abstract painting.

1. So, amongst other things, it’s currently New York Fashion Week and that means lots of crazy people watching. The best place to see the crème de la crème? Tommy Ton’s snaps on It’s refreshing to be on the other side of the country during this momentary blitz of fashion chaos and here at TS we pride ourselves in creating solid basics for you all so that getting dressed on a daily basis is a whole lot easier than a day during NYFW. But if you take note, timeless and classic style seems to be currently on trend (we say when is it not?) and we’d like to think you could roll out to one of those runway shows in your Caroline white button down, sleeves rolled up, and some old Levi’s and you’d be pretty spot on…

2. If you think your sense of smell is off… then you must be American. But more than likely it’s that your ability to identify a smell is off. As it turns out, sensory perception, is culturally specific and Americans’ sensory perception seems to be fragmented by the prevalence of our pop culture: that smell’s not the spice called cinnamon, no, it’s Big Red Gum! Read the rest of T.M. Luhrmann’s fascinating article over at the NY Times and learn how rain-forest foragers on the Malay Peninsula compare on the smell-test, and how the Turkish characterize sounds.

Surreal illustration of three men watering a plant that is growing noses instead of flowers.

3.  Lastly, and perhaps craziest of all, a pair of young deer managed to run across the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday, unscathed!  The instagram video below captures the abnormal patience and cooperation of the daily commuters.  We’re just trying to imagine how amazing it must have been to be the first three cars trailing behind the happy-go-lucky prancing deer… Not a bad way to end the evening commute.

shot of surfboard being made
March 31, 2021

Going Against The Grain

Our passions are manifold, but we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for surfing. Few things compare to...

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