July 31, 2014

The Chambray Dolphin Shorts

August is rolling around the corner and the hottest beach days are yet to come. So before we get too covered up we thought we ought to give you what you'll need most right now: shorts.

We've got some good runners over here in the office and so of course we thought what's classier than denim cut offs, less preppy than Bermudas, and just all around more comfortable? The breezy dolphin short- choice of runner's everywhere.

Designed for ease and movement, with a flattering side slit and comfortable elastic waist. But of course we don't expect you to be walking around the city sporting those ridiculously short (albeit hot) versions from the 80's, so we brought the length down just a couple inches and made them in a classy tencel chambray that feels pretty darn close to brushed silk.

If you find yourself still yearning for that 80's length, just fold over the waistband and you'll be on your way. On the beach or in the city we've got you covered.