June 29, 2014

Ladies Restock

While we SF'ers may have been stuck in a cool fog, we recognize that the summer solstice has come and gone and it seems safe to say that at least those of you from the everywhere else in the country have plenty of need for short sleeves. So we've restocked some of our favorites: Aidan Tees, Scout Pullovers, Caroline Denim Button Downs, and our Washed Denim Project Jacket*.  

*We took the advice from some of our admirers and fine tuned the Ladies Denim Project Jacket with this restock, because we never stop trying to make the perfect product. We shortened the length 2", relaxed the arms a touch, and washed it down a little bit more to get some extra softness for that worn in feel.

And now you can find the women's collection in our new 2030 Chestnut Street store! Come try on all of the pieces in person - feel the fabrics and see the washes that make them hard to resist...