Paper to Product: Short Sleeve Everyday Oxford Jacks

We don't need to tell you that summer is here, your damp button up let you know just a couple minutes into your walk to lunch. 

To bring the temperature down a few degrees, we reissued our Everyday Oxford in a short sleeve model and added two great colors, brick and aqua. 

These shirts are still as sturdy as can be. They are still an incredible value and yes, we cut the sleeve to show the perfect amount of artillery. 

Thoughtfully issued in a classic oxford fabric, we intended for these shirts to be on the more understated side of short sleeve apparel so that you can get as much pleasure and wear out of the shirt as possible. 

This will be our only short sleeve issue of the summer, so act quick or suffer the wrath of sweaty pits. 

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March 31, 2021

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