May 13, 2014

Paper To Product: Summer Leisure Collection

The final lines of JT's Sweet Baby James are "deep greens and blues are the colors I choose, won't you let me go down in my dreams." The palette for our summer leisure collection is inspired by the great Pacific Ocean, ranging from the sea foam green waters of the southern Baja to the deep blue green waters of Northern California. It is no surprise that these same colors can also be found on faded Chevys and the old long boards carefully stacked on top of them.

Our newest product, the indigo oxford leisure short, was made for those days when you are taking in those same coastal sights. With a relaxed drawstring waistband, two pockets and a tailored silhoette, they are both smart and comfortable. With the help of the sun and a few washes these shorts will fade nicely and become every bit as necessary for an adventure as your sunglasses and camera.