Caught The Lady's Eye

It's almost May and while most of the country is soaking up warmer weather and New Englanders are cursing the soggy "mud season," here in San Francisco it means the spring time winds are in full effect. In our second edition of "Caught The Lady's Eye" we try and offer some solutions to grapple the mood-altering ionic effects of the heavy winds here, distactions from the mud covered boots and solid ways to celebrate the warm temps.


1. April 27th! Sailing season has officially begun in SF!  If you're reading this as it's coming hot off the press, then you're just in time to get to the harbor and watch the 97th annual boat parade which kicks off the season today.  Prime viewing can be had from Crissy Field and it runs from 12-3.  Go and get inspired to take some sailing classes and by the 100th annual parade you might just be ready to venture out there yourself!


2.  The Headlands Center For The Arts hosts a variety of regular outings and workshops, but keep your eyes peeled and don't waste time signing up as the spots can go fast.  As with all workshops, you have two good choices for participating: opt to stay at the Headlands or make the pleasant commute for classes. Next opening on the books: Landscape Alchemy June 6-8. We just have two words for you "seaside cyanotype."


3.  Our friends over at Refinery 29 have compiled a list of secret menu items from some delicious SF haunts. Just whisper the name in the ear of your waiter and watch while you become the envy of those who sit within view. Or sit in a corner, facing a wall and ensure that you're new dish will remain a best kept secret. Our favorites: the Eggs Mcmahon from Farmer Brown's Little Skillet - a sausage gravy covered waffle topped with a fried egg and some cheddar and the Caesar Burger from Super Duper Burger, which needs no explanation.


4.  We're dreaming up some east coast vacations while we prepare for our San Francisco "summer" to hit and getting a heavy dose of inspiration from Andrew Geller's Beach Houses, an oldie but a goodie. Geller was known for his avant garde, albeit simple, beach homes whose designs centered around the use of light, breezes, and functional living. They can be found scatered along the east coast and it's surrounding islands. His designs had names like "The Bra," "The Milk Carton" and "The Reclining Picasso." It is also worth note that most were built on modest budgets. Had they been on the west coast they definitely would have made the most of these spring winds


5.  For some humor- remember the precursor to Nintendo's Wii?? Atari?? Well maybe you don't since a huge supply of them have been buried for the past 30 years and just recently unearthed in New Mexico. Laid to rest during the so-called "video game crash of 1983" - ha! If only they'd known...


6.  And last but not least! We most happily and axiously await the re-opening of Outerlands. Our dearest friends on Judah Street will be up and running and even better early May.



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