Chronicles of Adventure: Panama

Gracing the Caribbean shores of Panama this time around was a blessing on so many unexplainable levels. The lure of coconuts and the rumor of some amazing swell hitting the day of my arrival on their foreign sands brought me back to the irrational happiness only found in childhood.

The flight couldn't be over quick enough. Linking up with my beautiful host, I hopped in a cab and moved quickly to the small town of Casco Viejo to spend the day checking out the new place. At first light we set off roaming the streets of this ancient colonial town outside of the megalith that is Panama City. Climbing the highest peak we could find we saw the abrupt juxaposition of the the small town, sitting quietly outside the urban sprawl.

Living in cities ourselves we agreed that we needed to escape the concrete jungle and find some real island life. So with that we were off on a 10 hour bus to the chain of islands off the north of the country, Bocas del Toro. Pulling up to the small port town outside our destination it was hard to get an idea for what was in store. It was still 5 am and we were waiting for our boat captain to arise and take us to our new Caribbean life, at least for the time being. Before the light could kiss the water he sauntered in and motioned us that it was time to depart. After a bit we began to see the waters illuminated by sun and our magical island silhouetted in the background. Coming to port I'm slowly crushed by the most surreal sunrise to date. It must be paradise.

With no real agenda or plan our days melted into one long tropical adventure. Surfing uncharted caribbean waters, snorkeling through schools of electric fish and eating as much of the secret Caribbean sauce as we could. Days became nights and we couldn't believe that we had to depart this jungle paradise on a pre determined date. Taking in our fair share of the local culture we thought only existed in books and movies we were fully satisfied by the delights Panama had brought us. Showing us colors we had never seen and smells and tastes that I will be longing for until my next journey. Until than I head home back to "the grind" to share my stories with the rest of the crew. Hoping to see some Caribbean influences again in the near future.

See the rest of the adventure here.

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