April 08, 2014

Paper To Product: Good Acre Vintner's Chore Pant

Just as a man's work is never done, a good pair of work pants can never be too sturdy. 

Our Good Acre double-knee vintner's chore pants are back and stronger than ever. 

They are now constructed using a 10 oz. compact woven canvas, which is woven with very tight, plied yarns to create an even more tear resistant and also smoother canvas. This cloth has served the military for decades as "shelter canvas," used for everything from packs and cots to tents and tarps. 

We have also upgraded to YKK custom hardware and a beefy Wickett and Craig leather patch. 

These puppies are no different than buying a pick-up. Make sure you choose the right colors because these pants are going to be hanging around for a while.