March 27, 2014

Style Icon: Paul Newman

He was a 40's soldier, stationed out in the Pacific Theater. Planes were whizzing overhead, just like in a movie theater. In the 60's, he was a hustler - an hombre - and bared cool hands as he began his aspiring career as one of the most iconic American actors of our time

Despite the guy's understated resume - academy award-winng actor, director, entrepeneur, philanthropist, navy veteran, professional race car driver, auto team racing owner and owner of a danm good salad dressing company - wearing a suit and tie on occasion was only an accouterment to his cool effortless air, never a hinderance. No matter how casual or buttoned-up a man is, he should still carry himself as a gentleman every step of the way  

When us men venture out into the world, let us not ignore the precedant that was ever so intentionally placed upon us by a fellow like Newman.  Everyone's got a role model in their life. One of ours is classic, cool, upstanding, and had quite the sting.

Cheers to you, Paul. May you sundance on the big screen for all of our days.

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