March 23, 2014

Style Icon: Françoise Hardy

It's the 60's in France and Bob Dylan has just released an album with a poem on it's front cover dedicated to her. Salvador Dali requests her presence at his lastest opening and Mick Jagger claims she is the "ideal woman."  She is effortlessly cool, phenomenally talented, yet totally shy, and with a style that is perfectly tomboy, perfectly French sophisticate. Undoubtedly, it's these juxtapositions that made her so magnetic. To this day she is still recording, despite having declared she'd stop singing before the age of 50. She remains married to her long time collaborator, Jacques Dutronc, despite their famous long distant relationship.  She is a thoroghly modern woman, and for that reason we put her at the top of our favorites.  We give you style icon #2: Françoise Hardy.