Paper to Product: Men's Edition 257

The Natural to Indigo month continues with new indigo Jacks in three lively patterns. This evening we’re workshopping tri-dot, hanami, and scatter-dot patterns, each hand-dipped in a live indigo bath and block printed in India using the batik method.

The Batik method is a “resist” process in which the artist uses wax to prevent dye from penetrating the cloth. The wax leaves blank areas in the dyed fabric. This method dates back to  ancient Egypt but was perfected by the artisans of Java. Batik creates unique patterns due to the way certain wax blends will “crackle” during handling, allowing lines of color to come through on resisted areas. The inconsistency and variability are unique attributes of the fabric that ensure no two garments will be alike.

shot of surfboard being made
March 31, 2021

Going Against The Grain

Our passions are manifold, but we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for surfing. Few things compare to...

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