Chronicles of Adventure: The Owens River

It’s 5 am, the morning after Thanksgiving. The last thing you want to do is wake up out of your still lingering turkey coma. The only idea that may hook you out of bed could be a twisted irony of sensation, the hooking of a gorgeous brown trout. Destination, Owen’s River Valley just north of Bishop, CA. Who’s chasing the fly now? We hit the road in search of fish and well, hot springs.

To help us shake off the early morning blues and the 4 hour drive to Bridgeport, we decided to enliven our groggy bodies by searching out Buckeye Hot Springs, which we’d heard about but never seen. We turned off 395 on a dirt road aptly named Buckeye and spit up dust for a few miles, eyes peeled, looking for the legendary springs. By now, we had competely forgotten about how hard it was to wake up and we were fully engaged by the sense of exploration, our adventure had officially started. 

The rest of the drive toward Bishop was perfect. Blue bird skies, miles of visibility and perfectly chilly temps. Dropping into Mono Basin is always like seeing it for the first time. The feeling of the world dropping out from below you never fails to make you contemplate life in a new scale. The kind of scale that makes you realize how expansive and wondrous our world truly is

This time of year fishing trips are an adventure in keeping warm just as much as they are about catching fish. We geared up with the whole Camp Collection as well as some Yosemite shirts and Crater shirts to keep the chill away during the days. 50s by day quickly gave way to 20s as the sun went down. We bundled up with puffy jackets and some Workhorse Rye.

Slow fishing pushed us to head into town for a visit to Rusty’s Saloon for a look at the Auburn game. They pulled off one hell of a win and we decided that every person in the bar should have a shot of whiskey, all 7 of us. The fellas in the cowboy bar shared in our delight over Auburn’s victory before we returned to the river.

Despite the few pulls on the end of our rods, it was a great adventure and probably one of, if not the last for 2013. Here’s to more adventures to come.


All photos courtesy of Daniel Sherer.

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