November 15, 2013

November Weekend Kit Part II

Living in San Francisco has taught us something important: staying in the City and enjoying your surroundings is just as important as getting away for a weekend. We live in a great place and never want to take it for granted. This week, our “Weekend Getaway Kit” is a weekend staying in the City for the fairer sex. The TS ladies put this kit together with their weekend plans in mind: heading to West Coast Craft after brunch, walking to Crissy Field to enjoy the sun and crisp air, and to end with a few drinks. To see more from our Women’s Collection, head to West Coast Craft this weekend. We hope to see you all there!

-Taylor Stitch Margo Sun Bleached Indigo Piqué Dress

-Taylor Stitch Dusty Red Yosemite Shirt Jacket

-Polo Sunglasses

-Shoes Like Pottery Sneakers

-Ursa Major Inlay Cuff

-Joshu + Vela Utility Tote